I am a sassy perfume lover with a serious preference for vintage scents. If it came after 1980, I’m probably not much interested in it. 😉  Florals make me take note, orientals catch my attention, but classic chypres make me giddy with unrestrained, pink-cheeked delight.

Some of my other interests include photography, gardening, film noir, ancient Near East, meditation, Magnum P.I., and much much more.


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  1. Hi- came across your article about Miss Dior – I have a sealed box like the one you pictured that has the perfume sitting with in the box and the box lid off the the side. I have been trying to place what era this box comes from, as I cannot find it on ebay or with a rough google search. Do you happen to know how old this run of Miss Dior is, or where I can find some more information? I know it’s old, but trying to figure out what time frame.

    Thanks so much! Really did enjoy your review too!!!! Kind of hard to find information on older perfumes out there!!!

    • Hi Danaka 🙂

      Well, the one with the rounded glass stopper was originally produced, I believe, in the 1950s and on into the 1960s. The design was reintroduced later on in the mid-90s; there are minor differences between the two versions though they appear nearly identical at first glance: the newer ones introduced in the ’90s state “Parfum” on the box whereas the old ones don’t; and on the oval front label the newer version states “Miss Dior” at the top of the oval whereas the vintage version states “Christian Dior” at the top of the oval. Also, below is a great resource for dating vintage Dior bottles. Although the blog post is for Diorissimo, the designs were used for Miss Dior as well. Here is the link:


  2. how do i purchase from this website… a bit ambiguous.

  3. I love my chpyres too!

  4. Please im trying to fine Rh.musk oil for my mother who is 82 years oil thats all she used for years.

  5. Wher can i purchace wild musk oil in the brown bottle?

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