The Climat Chronicles: Fake Lancome Climat & the Quest for the Real Thing

The subject of this article is not the original Climat parfum from 1967. Nor is it the much later La Collection reissue from 2005. This article is written specifically about the Climat parfum of the 1980s and 1990s in the bright blue marble-ized box, with the deep, olive-green juice. This Climat is a source of longing for thousands of women (many of them from the former Soviet Union), and it is proving increasingly elusive to procure.

At this time, many vintage Climat lovers , like me, are in a fragrance crisis.  We have smelled the nectar of the gods and surrendered to it. It is a scent that wraps us around its elegantly tapered finger, and we do not resist. Indeed, we rush forward, committing to it. Its beauty shocks us with its tart citrus and peach notes splashed by subtle aldehydes and laid transparently over a floral heart of rose, lily, jasmine, and narcissus…and the light sweetness of an unusual amber , giving the whole thing a fresh, powdery innocence and heralding the warm, high-quality sandalwood/vetiver drydown. I’m enslaved.  So I seek it out. I shell out hundreds of dollars for half an ounce of ambrosial dew. And then, like Icarus who got  too close to the sun, I am burned. And devastated. Over and over again, my efforts thwarted. I huddle in a corner, whimpering, scratching the paint off the wall with my fingernails. A woman on the edge, like Farrah Fawcet in ‘The Burning Bed.’  Okay fine, so maybe it’s not that bad. But still, it’s pretty annoying! The tide of fake vintage Climat on the market is overwhelming. So what the heck is a Climat lover to do?

In the following FAQ  I will try to shed some light. All of the pictures in this blog post are of REAL vintage Climat.

I just bought a 14 ml bottle of vintage Climat parfum. Why doesn’t it smell right?

The 14 ml vintage parfum is the most faked version of Climat. The reason for this is simple: supply and demand. There is a strong demand for this version because in the 1980s many women in the former Soviet Union and other locales  had access to this scent, and wore it. They loved the fragrance and now have fond memories of it. But it has been discontinued for a long time. So? The perfume fakers create fake copies of the parfum and pass them off as real in order to meet the demand. Some of the fake parfums smell similar to vintage Climat, some of them do not. Some of them have a strong scent, some of them smell very weak. Still, they are all fake, and some buyers do not even realize that they have received a fake. Real vintage Climat parfum from the 1980s is very rare.

Where do these Climat fakes come from?

Many of the fake bottles of Climat come from Eastern Europe/Ukraine/Russia. I have read that some of them are manufactured under license in Netherlands or in the Middle East, but in my experience a lot of fake Climat seems to have strong connections with Ukraine/Russia, which is where the demand is strongest (as well as among expatriates). Perhaps the fakes are merely distributed to Eastern Europe but do not originate there?

How are the fake bottles manufactured?

The fake Climat parfums fall into two categories: 1) fake packaging + fake juice, and 2) recycled authentic packaging + fake juice. Let’s examine both categories

1) The first category includes boxes that are fake, bottles that are fake, braided ribbons that are fake, and they’re filled with perfume that is fake. The packaging and perfume are all imposters, manufactured cheaply and although they resemble real vintage Climat at first glance, they  show inconsistencies in the packaging that demonstrate that they are not authentic.

2) The second category is comprised of authentic  vintage Climat boxes, authentic vintage braided ribbons, and authentic vintage bottles which have been re-filled with fake perfume. In Europe, there is apparently an active industry which recycles real, used Climat boxes and bottles, and  fills them with fake juice. They appear to be completely legitimate when you look at the packaging , but when you smell the actual perfume and inspect the color visually, it is clear that it is not true Climat: the authentic empty bottle has been refilled with fake perfume.

Where can I buy real vintage Climat parfum?

Several times a year, there are bottles of real, vintage Climat parfum that appear on Ebay, both U.S. Ebay and Ebay in other countries – and also regional marketplaces like will have real bottles of Climat.

When did Lancome stop making Climat parfum?

This is a difficult question. I have read from some Russian & Ukrainian women online that in the early 1990s, Climat parfum became difficult to find in those areas. I have also read a post on a Russian message board stating that Climat was, around this time period, being manufactured in the Middle East (or India?), and that there was a fire which destroyed many of the raw materials for a planned batch of Climat, but I cannot verify this. I believe that vintage Climat parfum was repackaged in the 1990s and its distribution became limited in certain areas/marketplaces. The parfum’s  production had been discontinued by 2001.

What percentage of  vintage Climat parfum on the market is fake?

A huge majority of the vintage 14 ml Climat parfums for sale online are fake. Literally, about 95% of the bottles that you find on Ebay and online etailers are fake bottles.

If a bottle sells for hundreds of dollars, does that mean that it is real?

No. Many of the fake bottles being sold online have prices set at $40.…$100.…$200.…$300…Generally speaking, nearly all of these are fake Climat. Once in a while, a real, authentic bottle of Climat will come on the market and when it does it usually sells for hundreds of dollars. This is the reason that sellers of fake Climat set the price so high: because it makes their product appear to be authentic and rare.

Why do buyers of vintage Climat parfum on Ebay often leave positive feedback?

Out of curiosity, I have contacted some buyers who left positive feedback for the seller of a typically faked Climat (update: Ebay members can no longer see the usernames of other Ebay members who leave feedback). I asked them if  they were happy with the Climat parfum that they received. They wrote back to me with a variety of responses, stating that  1) they bought the perfume to give as a gift, 2) they had actually not opened it and tried it yet, 3) it did not smell like Climat should smell, but it still had a lovely smell, 4) they knew it smelled different but they thought it was due to age, 5) they knew it was fake but it resembled the original quite a bit so they were happy.

Does the 2005 La Collection re-release of Climat in Eau de Parfum smell like vintage Climat?

Although it bears a resemblance to vintage Climat , the 2005 release does not smell identical to it. They reformulated it, and the high-quality natural ingredients which made vintage Climat parfum so lovely were left out of the La Collection release, and it shows.  While the 2005 version is a pretty fragrance on its own, most vintage Climat lovers agree that it does not smell just like the version from the 80s & 90s.

How can I tell real vintage 80s/90s Climat  parfum from fake?

-The lettering on real, authentic bottles of vintage Climat parfum is always the same: the same lettering, the same word order, the same text, the same spacing and measurement between the letters. The letters should be clean and clearly articulated without smudges in the ink. Fake Climat lettering sometimes looks sloppy in comparison to the real thing. The picture to the right is a close-up picture of how the lettering should always look on authentic vintage Climat 14 ml parfum. Click on the image to see the full sized version with my notes included as a general guideline for authentication.

-Look for Climat juice that has the deep, sparkling, olive-green shown in these pictures. That is the original color of real vintage Climat parfum of the time period we are discussing. Nearly all of the fake Climat parfums get the color wrong: sometimes it’s too light, too bright green, too yellow…Real vintage Climat parfum in good condition has a very distinctive and consistent color.

-Look for a braided ribbon around the neck that is royal-blue and gold-orange. The ribbon should not be black + yellow, it should not be  green + blue.  Sometimes on old authentic bottles, the blue and gold ribbon is tattered or faded.

– Climat parfums from the 1980s should come in a marblized blue box without a gold square. There is no bar code on the box, but on the lower side of the box, in small print, is stated “Copyright Lancome 1979.” Inside the top of the box, there is often a shiny Guarantie slip of paper. On the back it may say “Baccarose” and have a batch number stamp.

-The box with the gold square came out in the 1990s. Most of the currently manufactured fakes come in this type of box. The gold-square style of packaging may have briefly been released officially by Lancome in the early 1990s – and then widely copied by fakers. For example, this bottle shown in the picture that came in a gold-square box looks to be authentic – but 99% of Climat with the gold square are definitely fake. To find one that may be authentic, look for one with the characteristic deep olive-green juice and with a braided ribbon that is blue and orange and has a pronounced “knitted” texture, like this one. I personally own a bottle that has this blue and orange knitted ribbon and it is absolutely authentic, beautiful vintage Climat. But again, nearly all the Climat on the market that comes in the box with the gold square is fake – it is very rare to find one that is authentic. (Update: I’m not sure if the box with the gold square was ever officially made by Lancome. I have read conflicting information about this. It’s best to avoid the boxes with the gold square!)

-If you have questions about vintage Climat, feel free to contact me through this blog. I will give you my most honest and informed answer. I have owned 3 bottles of gorgeous REAL vintage Climat parfum, and I have also owned a few bottles of FAKE vintage perfume. So unfortunately, I have a lot of experience and perspective when it comes to this issue. There is an epidemic of fake Climat perfume right now and people need to know about it. Thanks for reading. Fragrant, Climat-scented wishes for all!

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  1. My mother once wear Climat by Lankom. Some bottles start to smell different so she stop with Climat and start to wearing Tresor. The Climat she buy probably become fake. Thank you for link to your post, very informatve.

  2. Climat is my first and eternal perfume love. I think the bottle in a box with a golden square that I own is fake (I bought it many years ago from one of the online discounters) but since it smells similar to the version from La Collection I decided that it was “close enough”. I keep looking at different eBay listings but I’m affraid to try – not only because I’m afraid to lose money but also because I will be really disappointed if I get another fake. I still hope that one day I’ll be able to buy it from a trusted sourse.

    Thank you for the informative post.

    • It can be a very frustrating experience trying to find the Climat that matches one’s memories because the fake juice is so incredibly prevalent. I cherish my limited stash of the real deal. Real Climat parfum from the 1980s is so incredibly balanced and lovely, every time I wear it I feel like I’m floating on some heavenly cloud. Oh my, I’m getting myself ‘hot and bothered’ just talking about it. lol! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, I wish you much luck in your search. 🙂

  3. Hello!!! It was maybe two days as ma tryied to find Climat! because my friend> living in Ukraine got this nice memory in her feels and head> it was her first perfume!and it was a real Climat> what she bought in the begining 80’s/ I had in that time Miss Dior!the small flacon 7 ml only!I want to say that now nobody in Ukraine or Russia have this Climat! I found here in article – it is possible producting here. No.No.It is producting some where else! It si pity! Lancome have now this fragrance collection and have new form 75 ml and it is EDT!
    so! what to do! have a nice dream! or send this blog to Lancome! and tell them how much we love and miss about vintage Climat!
    and.. want to say.. lets these fake Climat just a fake!no very very close! give us nice nostalgy and give us fell we are the best when wear them!!!
    FOR ANY CONNECTION – i BE HAPPY RECEIVE some emails from you on my address perlaita@rambler,ru
    Svitlana, ukranien, living now in France

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Svetlana! I know that Climat was very popular in Ukraine and Russia back in the 80s. The many fake bottles of Climat that are on the market right now are manufactured independently and come from different places: some fake Climat comes from Ukraine, some from Russia, some from Romania, some from Western Europe, some from Turkey or the Middle East. I have received 3 fake bottles of Climat parfum and all 3 of them had a connection to Ukraine.
      The intoxicating Climat fragrance does not exist anymore. It’s very sad.

  4. Great post! Just went to check my two 14 ml bottles and both are fake. One has actually almost completely evaporated due to an ill fitting stopper – I’d be beyond heartbroken if it had been real. Checked ebay and one is going for $1,900. Can’t afford even close to that amount, so I wanted to ask about the edt versions. Are the older edts also faked and are they at all close in beauty to the parfum (which I bought back in the early 80s, but due to complicated associations gave up wearing until recently when it seems I am too late to get the real thing again)? I almost always stick with parfum versions since I prefer their richness, but I’m willing to venture into edt land if the price point of the parfum is as prohibitive as this one appears to be.

    • Thanks, Ann! Ugh, sorry to hear that your Climat parfum stash turned out to both be fake, but the fakes certainly vastly outnumber the real by a huge margin, so it’s not surprising. You asked about EDT version: I have a 45ml spray bottle of older EDT. Mine is an aerosol “continuous” spray and I’m not sure if the propellant inside has interfered with the smell at all. The scent does indeed have the characteristic tart-floral Climat accord, but it very much lacks the complexity, development, and high quality basenotes of the 80s parfum. Also something about it smells “off” or slightly musty to me when I sniff with nose to wrist, although I find the wafting sillage to be quite lovely. I am not sure if any of the vintage Climat EDT sprays are manufactured fakes, but I would imagine that some of the EDT splash bottles have been filled with fake juice. I really don’t know how common this is, as my focus is solely on the parfum (which is, in my opinion, heaven in a bottle!). The vintage EDT spray bottles can generally be found on Ebay for a decent price, so you might try one. I’ve also noticed the “deodorant” Parfum de Toilette version. I don’t know if those are legit or not, but I’m kind of curious about them. Hope this helps!

  5. Thank you so much for this post. My mom used to have original climat. It was long time ago and I can still remember that scent. I DREAM of having original climat! Do you know where I can buy real climat? 🙂 I hope I can find them.

    • Hi, Kristina. A bottle of the real Climat parfum from the 1980s is a very rare thing indeed. Unfortunately, I don’t know where you would find one, although a real bottle will show up from time to time and tends to sell for upwards of $300(!).

  6. Hello, Kristina! My name is Anya and I really ask for your help! My mom bought 2 of these fake bottles on ebay recently and now to return the money we were asked us to send a document to PayPal from someone who is qualified in the area of the item (other than us). Since you are qualified, have the real vintage Climat and know so much about fakes… would you be so kind to help me and my mom to punish the seller who sells these fakes! I got all the information and can provide you with everything, it is not really too hard to put everything together in a pdf document. But if you find a bit of time, you would really help! Thanks in advance, Kristina. Please contact me if you could. I wish you very best!

    • So sorry, no idea how to edit my message! I actually thought your name is Kristina… so terribly sorry 🙂

      • Hi Anya, I’m so sorry that your mother purchased some fake bottles of Climat, but I do not wish to get involved in someone’s Paypal dispute. I’m sorry…I hope you can get your mother’s money back.

  7. I was interested to read your article regarding Climat perfume. I had the eau de toilette bottle back in 80/90’s and absolutely loved it and have always yearned for another bottle. It’s sad to learn that it isn’t manufactured any more but searching on line, I noticed that Selfridges are selling a 75ml eau de toilette bottle which is a different style to the original. Surely they can’t be selling fake perfume? What’s your opinion on this? Thanks

    • Hi Karen, I believe the 75ml EDT spray is the only Climat that is still officially in production. I have not tried the current version so I can’t comment on the scent, but it is indeed legit. It has almost certainly been reformulated from the 80s/90s versions, just as the La Collection Climat EDP from 2005 was reformulated (it smelled quite different from the 80s/90s version, although still fairly recognizable and pleasant in its own way). If you end up purchasing, please report back on how it compares to the earlier EDT that you remember!

      • Hi again, being the curious person I am, I emailed Lancôme directly and today received the following response which I thought might be of interest to you.

        “Climat was recently repacked but it is the fragrance created in 1967.

        “Created in 1967, this fragrance takes its name from the well-known eponymous novel by French author André Maurois. Climat is a floral, musky, aldehyde fragrance, a rich swirl of rose and narcissus with a sandalwood base, exactly the kind of perfume children tend to associate with their mother. It has a distinctive “Mother’s kiss before the party” olfactive signature. “

        It can be found in Selfridges & Harrods only.”

        Regards, Karen Lawson

      • Thanks Karen! I knew that the EDT spray was the only version of Climat that is still in production, but I think it is somewhat untrue for them to state that it is the original 1967 fragrance, as it has been reformulated several times. I’m still very interested in what the current EDT smells like, if you get some please do comment on how it matches your memory of the vintage EDT you used to use. 🙂

      • I’m really curious now too about what it’s like but will need to save my pennies, (or wait until my birthday!) before I can discover this fragrance again. I just hope it lives up to my memories and doesn’t shatter my illusions!! Anyway, I shall keep you posted when the joyous occasion happens!!

  8. Hi ladies I can honestly say that it is original – at least for me. I bought 2 bottles of Climat 75ml EDT in Paris recently. It is made in France for Lancome and smells just as I remember it from the late 70’s. I have bought Climat over the years and only once or twice have I found it didn’t smell as I recalled it. If I am transported back to the late 70’s I know I am buying real Climat. I have kept many of my bottles over the years. I am yet however to come across authentic Climat parfum. If you see the EDT it is well worth getting it especially if it is duty free.

    • Hi again, goodness, I feel like I’m becoming obsessed with this and on some sort of mission here but I’ve been in touch with Selfridges perfumery and they are prepared to send me a card with the fragrance sprayed on to allow me to ‘test’ it before purchase (as this is the only way I can do it, living so far away from their stores). So, I shall report back when it arrives!! I’m so excited!! How crazy am I?!!

      • I can completely relate to your Climat obsession, Karen, although mine is for the 80s/90s parfum! I hope the card they send you is an accurate representation of the current EDT. Please share your thoughts when you receive it. 🙂

  9. Karen, Harrods wasn’t actively carrying it on their site. Selfrige’s does, for about 66 pounds. However they don’t ship outside of the UK according to their website in regards to international shipping. I may have to order it and send it to my friend in Wales and have him ship it to me. I have now bought 2 bottles of the fake stuff. Got refunded on the 1st bottle because I have the real thing in my closet (even a real bottle of the parfum from the original release, my mother brought it over with us from the former USSR) and was adamant that it was a fake. Now I am dealing with the 2nd seller. I wish I had ran across PerfumeFountain’s blog before I tried to buy any of it. So disappointed. I have been hoarding even my EDP splash from the re-release (bought at Saks) to wear on very special occassions, keeping it in a dark place inside its box. *sigh*

  10. Hi, i got a 420ml bottle Eau de Toilette Climat from Lancome (Ref. No: 6784). It has a black screw cap and it is not used. It was a present about 30 years ago. May you can tell if it is a real one? Thanks in advance for your feedback. Kind Regards T. Gerber

    • Hi there. 🙂 I’m quite sure it’s real, there is no reason to think it would be a fake. Climat was not widely faked 30 years ago. The question is, does it still smell as it should?
      You have a very rare item on your hands, a 14 oz Climat EDT. That sounds HUGE! If you ever wish to sell it you could get quite a bit of money for that.

  11. Guess what?I was just about to pay 65 quid for a bottle of Climat currently for sale on Amazon by Colognia company (?) ,specialising in discontinued fragrances.There are quite a few (about 1.55o something) positive feedbacks almost made me believe I`m not doing something utterly stupid.
    Thanks for the article ,

    • Hi Mel! If it was EDT that you were considering then it may very well be authentic. But it was a 14ml bottle of parfum conentration then it was almost certainly a fake. I’m glad my article may have stopped you from making a costly mistake!

      • Hello again, thanks for your answer 🙂 Do you know a platform where I can get information about the worth of this parfum or do you have an idea? Or a specialist for rare items like this? I surfed the whole internet and I couldnt find something useful. It would really wonder me what you think about… Regards and Thanks again 🙂

      • (Link to Product Removed)
        See for yourself.*NOT edp,100% genuine *

      • Mel: Yes, that was absolutely one of the fake Climat parfums.

  12. I forgot: I think it smells like it should because the bottle has been opened about 10 times since these 30 years. But I can not really evaluate it, I dont know how it should smell exactly…

    • Hi T. Gerber! Hopefully your Climat EDT has been stored in its box away from light, and away from heat. Light and heat are bad for perfumes.

      Your bottle is certainly worth hundreds of dollars, likely over $500. I have never seen a 14 oz bottle of Climat EDT, but I have seen a few 8 oz bottles come onto Ebay. They inevitably sell for hundreds of dollars. For example, see this completed listing for an 8 oz bottle of Climat:
      This bottle was listed at $649 but the seller accepted a lower offer, certainly of several hundred dollars.

      If you would like to sell your bottle for the highest possible price, you really should list it on Ebay. If you are comfortable with international shipping, then you will want to list it on U.S. Ebay to get the widest exposure for your listing. You also have several choices regarding the listing. You can set a “Buy It Now” price and wait for someone to purchase it….or you can set a “Buy It Now” price while also accepting people’s highest offers…or you can do a regular auction where you set the starting price and then people bid on it. There is a risk that the item can get lost in the mail, so you would want to ship it with the highest level of security and with delivery confirmation. No one can tell you *exactly* how much your bottle is worth, but I can tell you that it is absolutely worth several hundred dollars.

  13. Hello, I found a bottle of this today and listed it on ebay. I think it’s genuine, can you help me? It is sealed so I am not sure I should open it?

    • Hi Sandy, That looks like a totally authentic 1980s Climat parfum to me. The only question is the provenance of the item, because there are recently manufactured fakes that come sealed in that style of box. But your box looks old and thus it is almost certainly authentic. Congrats on a great find! Where did you stumble upon this item, if you don’t mind my asking?

  14. Thanks! I got it at a thrift store. I went ahead and opened it and took pics and re-did the listing. I did not open the bottle. I think its real too, looks exactly like the bottle you showed above and it has the guarantee paper.

  15. Also the wrapper had shelf wear on the bottom and was dirty so it looked old, when I took it off the box inside was really nice.

  16. Dear PerfumeFountain,hello…….would like to have your advise if you could look at this bottle as stated in Sandy’s link above. I would like to buy it for my mom on her bday…She always remembers them with exact the same love and passion as you did in your blog……thank You

  17. Hello. Could you please tell me your opinion about this parfum on ebay. The bottle looks right, but the color seems off to me. Although, the cameras and lights are different for everyone, still this looks kind of too light to me. What do you think? Thank you very much.

    • Hi Anna, It is not authentic but it may still smell very similar. It’s best to avoid the boxes with the gold square on them, all of them are pretty much fakes. This seller used to sell some that might possibly have been real about a year ago, but then his stock ran out and he replenished his stock with some inexpensive, fake stock that he found on Ebay. It is not real Climat, but again, the smell might resemble the real thing. (And you are right the bottle appears to look okay at first glance, however the lettering is way too bold and there are some slight ink smudges. No part of this item is real, unfortunately.)

  18. In your opinion, what parfum that is currently available, resembles climat the most ? Thank you

  19. Generally I don’t read article on blogs, but I would like to say that this write-up very compelled me to take a look at and do so! Your writing style has been amazed me. Thanks, quite great post.

  20. I have a bottle of Climat pure perfume – sealed 7cc which I believe is 7.5mls – I believe it to be original but wonder if anyone can enlighten me. It has no square on the front and has white writing. Help?

    • Hi there! If the box is grayish-blue with white, “rough cursive” Climat lettering, then it sounds like you could have the so-called “winter” version, which was an earlier version of Climat packaging that was the norm before about 1980 (< which is when the box was changed to the vivid blue marbleized design). If your box of 7cc pure parfum is still sealed in cellophane, then that is a rare treasure indeed! Lucky you!

      • Hi – thanks so much for your expertise – YES – sounds like that’s the one I have. How exciting.

      • Hi, I want to sell the 7cc winter version Climat perfume on Ebay (which I guess is the best way to go about it) – it is cellophane sealed and in mint condition – any idea how much I might get for it? Also, I know there’s a lot of interest in perfumery from abroad/USA but am concerned about mailing rules where perfume is concerned. Any advice on both matters would be much appreciated. Thank you

      • Ros: I would think it would fetch between $100 to $200, but it could also go higher than that – but I would be surprised if it does. You never know though. 🙂

        It’s true that it is illegal to ship perfumes internationally (or by air domestically) but many people do it, they just write something different on the customs form. If your Ebay auction is open to international bidders, it will most likely fetch more money. However, you have to choose the international shipping option that you feel most comfortable with (i.e. maybe you want a higher level of security, or want a confirmation of delivery, etc.). I used to sell internationally in my auctions and my items always arrived safely, but I don’t anymore because I don’t like the stress of wondering if my item might get lost, etc. Good luck!

      • Hi, Thank you – that’s very helpful. I’ll have a think about which way to go on this.

      • Ros: You know, I’m just not sure about your pre-1980s “Winter-box” version. My focus is solely on the ’80s perfume in the bright blue, marble box, and my value estimate was based on what a sealed 7ml 80s version would likely fetch. But your earlier version could be worth significantly more. I know there is an equally high demand for those earlier productions of Climat. So really, I would find it very difficult to estimate the value of your sealed Winter Climat, since that’s not the version that is my specialty. 🙂

      • Hi, Ok – thank you – I’ll have to think a bit harder on how to go on this. The mailing problem is causing a lot of grief for people which doesn’t help matters. Thanks once again for your kind advice and help.

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  22. Thank you so much for your article. I have just bought a fake Climat with gold square on the box… absolutely frustrated

    • You’re welcome, Zalina! So sad that you bought a fake Climat – it happens to most Climat lovers at some time or another, unfortunately. In general, people should avoid the Climat with the gold square on the box. Those are bad, bad, bad! 😦

      • Thank you very much for your reply to my comment! I would appreciate if you help me in viewing and analyzing other photos that are being currently sent by the girl who had sold me the fake gold- square box Climat. The first fake doesn’t even have the word PARFUM on the bottle. Now she is wanting to replace it with another one also from the box with gold square. However this time it contains all the words, but i must say on the photo the lettering on the bottle looks a bit strange. i wish you could have a look and give me your experienced opinion. If it is impossible, no problem . I will understand. Thanks again.

      • Hi, Zalina! Sure, I am happy to take a look at the photos. Can you link to them? If not, let me know and I’ll email you so you can just send photos to my regular email.

  23. Dear ( sorry, unfortunately i do not know your name). Thank you very much! Here is my email address (removed),com Please send me a test email so that i could then send the photos yo you. Thank you for your kind assistance. Regards, Zalina

  24. Thank you so much for your time and warning about another possible wrong purchase.
    I wish I could become of help some day so that to thank you more.
    What you do for people is very kind. Internet has both merits and demerits. It can open a window for one who lives isolated for a variety of reasons, but on the other hand one should be cautious, especially at such matter like purchasing a perfume.
    Now when I have your reply, I am not going to buy another fake from her, and will try to find the real Climat using your tips and recommendations.
    Thank you very much again. May God bless you for your kindness and big heart.
    Warm regards,

  25. hi,thanks for en exelent blog,i am not a blogger i just saw it by accident.i bought 3 climat en ebay a few days ego,the first one just got today end it is definetely fake.i am so disappointed!

  26. i new that it is very rare this gorgeouos perfume,but had no idea of so many fake perfumes en e bay

  27. “We are very sorry to here that .All boxes sealed ,absolutely new. If you like purchase another one, we will ship to you for free .The item you bought it is right now only $53.00 and shipping to your country cost$10 we will give you discount on shipping ,or you can buy same thing else we will give you 10%discount” ——–that is the answer i got from seller

  28. Very interesting post… I would want to know what do you think about my last acquisition of Climat (in Russia), but I can’t attach the photo! How can I do it? Thanks…

    • Thank you, Elena. 🙂 If you wish to share a picture, you need to upload the picture to a photo-hosting site, and then post the link to the picture in your comment.

      • Now I don’t have the photo of pack, but I will able to do it in the evening. On the bottom of the box there is code CP286. If I know well it means approximately 1994, how do you think?
        The smell is precious, very similar to ‘old’ version, maybe a little bit lighter, not ‘oilysh’.

        And what do you know about rare old version with pink-n-blue-n-black ribbon?

      • Hi Elena, the Climat in your pictures is unfortunately a typical fake Climat parfum. It comes in the blue marble box with the gold square. It is not authentic, although it might smell nice and similar to old Climat. If you enjoy the scent you definitely should wear it!

        The version of Climat with pink, blue, & black ribbon comes from before 1979. The scent was a bit different as well as the packaging. Then in 1979 Climat was reformulated & repackaged.

      • You upset me((((… What a pity!
        But thanks for expertizing, next time I will try to be more attentively. You are right, it is very difficult to find autentic Climat in Russia because of even true old owners can’t know what they had so many years… But I will continue the search! ))

  29. Ok, and what can you say about such item: (not mine)

    it is with pink ribbon, but I don’t trust it is so old…

    • Hi Elena, Well I am not as knowledgeable about the older version of Climat, but I do not believe that the color of the liquid was green in the older version. The older version with pink, blue, and black ribbon had amber liquid, not green. So I believe that the bottle in your picture has been re-filled – the contents of this bottle are not original.

  30. An intriguing discussion is worth comment. I do think
    that you need to publish more on this issue, it might not be a
    taboo matter but generally people do not talk about these subjects.
    To the next! Many thanks!!

  31. Dear PerfumeFountain,
    Thank you so much for the most complete review and tips on this wonderful perfume. I wish that Lancome can read this blog and bring to the market original old formula 14ml Climat parfum.

  32. I envy you I’m still buying “toilet water ” from the local mall store hoping for the same scent I had in the 70’s

  33. I recently viewed ebay and saw several lancome climat in a sealed brown box with black and blue abstract designs on it. I don’t know much about perfume so I don’t know if that is an old packaging or new packaging or what. It sure is expensive and seller claims it is 100% authentic. Please help.

    • Hi Rose, I’m not sure which box you are describing when you say “sealed brown box with black & blue abstract designs,” however I am assuming that you’re referring to the box with the gold square. In some lighting, this square on the front of the box can appear brown, orange, or yellow. These boxes are not authentic Climat parfum, they are fakes. I hope that helps!

  34. Thank you very much for this priceless information. I’m so sad that I used my last drop of Climat. Looks like chance to fine another real one is zero. I don’t understand, demand is so high, what was the reason they stop?Could you please let me know what do you think about climat spray? I have real one, but in my opinion it is too weak. Thank you again, Gayane

    • Hi Gayane, You can still find real vintage Climat parfum, however it will almost certainly cost you an arm & a leg! Climat has always had a very limited availability, and has been discontinued & relaunched several times in its history. I am not sure of the reason for this unusual history, but I do think that vintage Climat contained real sandalwood in the basenotes, and perhaps other costly natural ingredients (which were clearly missing from the La Collection re-release of 2005), so perhaps that has something to do with why the older version was halted.

      When you say “Climat spray,” I’m not sure what you’re referring to. Do you mean the EDT spray with black cap? I have an authentic vintage 2.5 oz EDT spray from the 90s that smells very beautiful, but I have bought several fake 2.5 oz Climat EDT sprays with black cap that smell horrible. There are subtle differences in the packaging to tell them apart. If you’re referring to the current EDT spray with the gold cap, I haven’t tried it but I’m positive it doesn’t smell like the old stuff. :-/

  35. I recently bought some Climat soap in a navy container with goldish lettering,would this be genuine or fake do you think?I could provide photos…

  36. I love Climat – my mom wore it and I always think of her when I smell it. I last purchased Lancome’s Climat in 2006 or 2007 at the Lancome counter in Nordstrom in University Towne Center here in La Jolla, CA – they had re-released, for a very short time, 4 of their classic perfumes; Climat, Maggie, Sagamore and Sikkim – the “The Lancome La Collection.” I purchased a full ounce – in a beautiful bottle and box – not like any of the vintage one you’ve shown here – it was a taller rectangular bottle and it came in a white box. Anyway…last year I made the HUGE mistake of purchasing a bottle of Climat on – came in the vintage shape in the blue box…my daughters and I concurred it smelled like hairspray. I was so disappointed. I then saw a story about how counterfeit versions were being produced in the Ukraine and Eastern Europe. Amazing… I am hoping someday Lancome will re-release the Lancome La Collection again! Thank you for your wonderful and informative article!

    • Yes, the 2005-2006 La Collection re-release of Climat was pretty nice and did bare a resemblance to earlier Climat, but some of the magic was gone. It’s missing the powdery sandalwood-y basenotes of the older version. I’ve heard from several people that they really like La Collection version. I find it pleasant enough, but my heart is with the older version. 😉
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  37. I didn’t realize the re-release smelled that much different than the original. It still reminded me of my mom. I’ve kept my empty bottle from 2006 and I will open it up every once in awhile just to smell the beautiful fragrance – which surprisingly, given that it is 8 years old, has held up very well. Many thanks again for being such a wealth of information!!! 🙂 🙂

  38. Thanks for your information on fake perfume.
    I first bought this gorgeous scent in America, and have tried many times to get it here.
    I will be very wary about buying it now
    Can you give mw the name of a reliable supplier.
    Thank you for your help.

  39. My Mum is having a clear out and has lots of perfumes etc she was given as gifts during the 1960s and 1970s. A lot have not been opened at all. I have started to sell them on ebay and last week I put on a sealed 7ml bottle of Climat parfum still in its promotional Christmas wrapping. I put it on at £14.99 thinking it probably would not sell. I was stunned at the interest and final selling price. You have just answered why, so thank you.
    I gave the money to my Mum who looked just as shocked as I had been. She got up, went through to the bathroom, and came back with another bottle! (this one is EDT though) Got to the love the oldies, they knew how to look after their belongings!

    What’s even more strange is that I will never know the shape of the bottle in the box I sold, nor the smell of it!

  40. Hi, PerfumeFountain!

    I need your help. The other day I have found the 4th edition which can be fake. As you are an expert, I need your advice!

    Is this parfume original or fake?

    Could you be so kind to tell me?

  41. Thank you very much!:))) I won’t buy it.

  42. Here’s one more picture!

  43. I have found one more perfume.
    Perhaps this time I am lucky. I want to buy a nice one, but I need your help to choose it right.
    Here are some more pictures:

    These pics are not very nice, but anyway how do you think is it the 3rd edition?
    Is it original?

  44. Hi PerfumeFountain. Thanks for a really informative read. I found this bottle of Climat EDT in a second-hand store. Can you tell if this is a fake; I’m leaning towards “yes” due to the blue writing and the colour of the juice, but I’m not sure.


    • Actually there’s a very strong chance that your bottle is real. It looks like an authentic splash bottle of the 1980s EDT. Lucky you! I can’t be sure without smelling it, but it looks great and authentic (even the color of the liquid looks normal).

      • That is very good news. It is indeed a splash bottle; I forgot to mention that. It smells pretty full-on; I doubt that I could pull it off, as a bloke. What do you think about whether Climat’s potential as a unisex frag?

      • At times I’ve worn 80s Climat and thought it smelled slightly masculine in the drydown, so I think it would work nicely on a male. 🙂

      • I might give it a spin.

        I seem to be on a bit of a roll. Today I found two shrink-wrapped bottles of Miss Balmain, and a full bottle of Leonard Balahe. The latter is price-marked in Francs, which dates it to pre-1999.

      • Score! Miss Balmain is a nice, rough leather chypre with a prim & proper name. 😉 I’ve never tried Balahe.

      • I’ve managed to date the Miss Balmains to pre-1990, because the boxes don’t have barcodes.

  45. I checked Harrods and Selfridges but found no Climat perfume. Any advice? All ebay items look fake to me. Is there a reason why Lancome will not release original Climat and original Magie Noire?

    • Hi Isabelle, I’m not sure where authentic Climat is available at a store – or if it’s even still in production (if it is, it’s EDT only). But Ebay remains the best place to find Climat, you just have to be very careful & discriminating, knowing that it is highly faked.

    • Lancôme isn’t able to release original “old” perfume because of the forbidding using some natural ingredients from special organization – IFRA. Even if the producers try to release our favorite fragrances, they are become different now. Unfortunately…

    • Hi Isabelle. Having encountered a couple of fake Climat i have at last found and bought authentic one of 1979. (part of message deleted. -PerfumeFountain)

      • I will just say: I purchased a 28ml Climat from a seller in Armenia and it was completely fake. Her listing said she accepted returns, but she never responded to me when I told her there was a problem. I opened a case on Ebay but they told me I had to PROVE the juice inside the bottle was fake by getting a signed affidavit from an authenticator…which I could not. I lost several hundred dollars. I’m still very angry & sad about it. This seller in Armenia is a very unethical person, in my opinion, because she obviously does not actually accept returns, like her listing states. The juice inside this particular bottle was the very typical fake Climat smell. Be careful who you buy from. 😦

  46. Irina, how would anyone know that you are an honest seller with genuine products? And what recourse will a buyer have after contacting you from your private e-mail and arranging a purchase if it never comes or if it’s another fake?

    I don’t think it’s a good idea to use this blog’s work and reputation to promote your business: the author put a lot of work into collecting that information and sharing it with us without getting any benefit for herself – there are no even banners on this post. And here you come and try to benefit from our love to this perfume and trust to the author of the post.

    • My apologies, Undina for breaking into the conversation.It is up to you to believe or not to believe me. Early this year i have bought two fake Climat 14ml ( in boxes with gold squares) via Internet. If i were lucky enough to come across this blog before that, i would have been happier as i had lost a lot of money. However i have never given up the idea to find an authentic Climat for my mum. (last part of message deleted -PerfumeFountain)

    • 1. I am PerfumeFountain, I just have a different ID now because I started a different blog.

      2. Undina, I do agree with your points about being careful when buying from a stranger on the internet, and thank you so much for your kind words. 🙂

      3. I do not know who (name deleted) is or where she is located in the Russian Federation, but if she is the Ebay seller from YEREVAN, ARMENIA who sells on Ebay with several different user-names (parfum-amber777, Goldvintage77, Antiklife44, Hrant, 0ru4622, etc.) and has a website called, I would recommend that people AVOID THIS SELLER. Some of the vintage Climat this person sells contains fake juice, however some of them are apparently real. This person has a large collection of vintage Climat, Fidji, etc. and some are real, some are fake. I believe this person collects the perfumes but does not wear them, so he does not know when it is real or fake juice. But worse than that is that this person’s listings say “Returns Accepted,” but he did not respond to me when I contacted him to do a return and I lost hundreds of dollars: He sold me fake juice and ignored me when I wanted to do a return, even though the listing said Returns Accepted. So? It is very risky to buy from him.

      4. Zal, I am no expert but thanks for saying that! 😉

  47. Hello.
    I know you didn’t list it among the 5 editions of the fragrance in one of your responses above.
    But could you please give your opinion on this article. I am curious.

    Thank you for your time.

    • Hi Anna,
      This particular bottle is quite rare, it comes from an exhibition held in San Francisco back in 1989 which was sponsored by both Lancome and the department store I Magnin. At this event, Lancome reintroduced three discontinued older fragrances from their repertoire in EDP concentration: Climat, Sikkim, and Magie. They were sold at the event in special, hand-filled & sealed Baccarat flacons, and were also sold briefly at I. Magnin store after the night of the museum exhibition. One 50ml bottle sold for $60, and a set of three 15ml bottles sold for $100. The Climat bottle on Ebay in that link is one of these special, sealed bottles from 1989.

      • Dear Night Vintages,

        Thank you so much for your reply. It came on time. Unfortunately, I was outbid. Must have been much more desperate or, I should say, capable Climat lover than I…J

        Best Regards.


  48. Do you think this is legit? Is the color off a bit? It’s also missing the “vol” indicator…

    • I don’t know. The two photos in that listing are stock photos, one shows a bottle w/ amber juice, the other photo shows a bottle w/ green juice. Seller claims to offer returns – if you want, you could take a chance and try to return it if it’s not to your liking. Or write to seller and request a photo of the ACTUAL item they are selling. Best of luck!

  49. Thanks to great advice, I avoided purchasing a fake! … What I do have, is a 28 ml of the original Climat (pre-1979 reformulation). I’m wondering if any lovely lady here would like to swap me a 1/2 ml of the reformulation for some of mine? xo

    • Heidi, if you’re in the U.S. I can send you two last reformulations to try – the one from La Collection and the latest Lancôme’s EdT release (contact information on the gravatar page).

  50. Hi, I have posted a bottle on ebay. I had no idea this was even a vintage until a user messaged me asking if it was a vintage or modern version. I do have the 14ml bottle with the gold square so I’m not optimistic that it is authentic after reading your post. It is still sealed in plastic so I was wondering if there was a way to tell from the box alone, without opening it. Thank you

  51. Be very, very wary of any eBay or other seller who is selling a bottle of Climat with perfume in it, but is saying that the sale is “for the bottle only.” I asked many questions before buying, stared at the photos, received my purchase, and the perfume inside the authentic bottle was indeed fake. Ugh…

    • Heidi, I’m sorry that happened to you. I see the bottle you purchased in the completed listings on Ebay – in your other email to me you mentioned the seller’s name – and it states in the listing that he/she does not offer returns, so although it’s unfortunate that the juice is wrong, I think that you knowingly took a big gamble on buying that bottle for the juice, knowing the seller’s return policy. Moreover, that bottle is the first formulation Climat and I have not had good experiences with amber colored juice for that version: I bought one that was amber and it smelled awful: very degraded but the ghost of Climat was still apparent in the scent. I own a micro-mini of the first formulation parfum which is yellow in color and it smells gorgeous. So a dark or amber colored juice is, in my own experience, not promising. Again, I’m sorry you felt you got tricked by the seller, but again, he stated there were no returns. The same thing happened to me with the seller in Armenia who sells Climat under several Ebay usernames, but his listing stated he DOES accept returns, but he did not honor it, he just ignored my emails. I was out hundreds of dollars. Buying Climat is a risky business, you might find joy or you might find a nightmare. :-/

      • The thing is, I asked lots of questions, and was given specific answers on how it was stored, who it was purchased from, etc. I’ve got another bottle of the older version that is that color, that smells amazing! The stuff that I got…was not even the “ghost” of Climat – it as another perfume altogether. Since it was listed by a very specific brand and name, I called eBay support; they looked through all the messages, and gave me a courtesy refund, because they thought that I was in the right! Hooray for their great service!

      • Wow! So glad you were able to get a refund! Persistence pays off. 🙂

  52. Hi, the Climat fever is so contagious, I decided to get one bottle of the mythic scent as well… I came across a 28ml sealed bottle, box without a golden square, stated as authentic. The asked price is 590 usd. I wonder if Climat ever existed in this volume? Thanks in advance for the reply…

  53. Can you please tell me: is there a chance that this is a genuine one? Yeah, I know about the gold square, but maybe?

    • I don’t believe it’s authentic, and I know that that seller specifically is not truthful about his stock of Climat being kept in the attic of his store for years. Nice story but it’s simply not true.

      • Thank you! I was about buying it, but decided not to. The pictures of the perfume are different. In one picture it is green and the letters are clear, in the others the liquid is light yellow and the letters are blurry.

      • I bought a bottle from him five years ago… I made him open the boxes in front of me as I bought the real stuff back in 1981-83 from the only store in NYC that sold it at the time, a little french parfumerie in the east 50’s… And I know how it should look/smell. Two of his boxes I could TELL were fake, but I did buy one that appeared real (classic blue/navy braid trim, olive color liquid -albeit not as viscous as original- tight stopper, etc) and he DID give me that same story about the box in his attic, so now I’m thinking this was a fake parfum in recycled bottle.

        Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, can compare to the heady scent of the real parfum or even the EDT of the 80’s… That was still on your clothes and in your hair the next day. I weep for that classic.

      • Thank you for sharing your experience w/ this seller.

  54. Hi
    My husband bought me a bottle of Climate from one of the big stores in 1978 it has a pink blue and black braid around the top and a ref on the base side of 6721 559003 it stills smells of the perfume even now. Would this have been a genuine bottle of Climat

  55. How do you upload pics here? My fiancé bought me a btl on ebay that the seller claimed “was from my mother’s storage, 1979, never opened… I think he paid $225… At first, on Christmas morning with my old glasses but last night I got a closer look at I noticed the cheaper looking, fuzzy “braid” that differed from the one I got at Beverly Hills Perfumerie and the stopper has ridges on it instead of smoth…. The heft of the top isn’t as heavy as the way I remember it…. the print looks like it was laserprinted on the bottle and I could scratch the lettering off with my fingernail…. The little doodad above the “o” in land COM is bigger than the one on the bottle that I got from Beverly Hills. Actually the bottle that I got from the store in Beverly Hills appears to be closer to what I actually remember than this new one. Is there any chance that Lundholm would’ve made a bottle that you could peel the name off of with your fingernail ? I would upload photos but can’t figure out how…

    • I think you would need to upload the pic to an image hosting site, then post the link.
      Authentic 1980s Climat parfum did come with both heavy, clear glass stoppers and light-weight clear plastic stoppers.

  56. hello I just saw on on ebay for over 4000 dollars I hope that it is real. you know I think if these companies really knew how much money could be made they might start making them again. I do not like reformulations but if they are really close to the original well than I would be happy

    • Hi Ann, A lot of perfume lovers hope that their favorite perfume will be brought back in the same formula that they remember, but they don’t realize that it’s literally impossible to bring those old formulas back in current times due to modern-day ingredient restrictions & sustainability problems which did not exist 35+ years ago, but do now. A huge majority of perfumes from before the 1980s could not be brought back today in their original form. It’s just not possible.

  57. I can’t help but wonder why, when products (such as Climat) are so popular, the company discontinues them. Any idea WHY Climat was discontinued? Some on this thread (which admittedly, I haven’t read in its entirety) are hinting that some of the ingredients are subject to restrictions or very expensive.

    • I don’t know why they have discontinued Climat and brought it back several times, but I know that modern-day ingredient restrictions + limitations are the reason that newer versions never quite smell the same as earlier versions. The powdery sandalwood in the basenotes of the 80s Climat is apparently very hard to duplicate these days, but if you don’t care about that distinctive base, then the La Collection version of 2005 is a lovely substitute.

  58. Hi, thanks a lot for great topic. Can you tell me what original versions of Climat perfume was produced in 2005 La Collection. I saw few bottles 50ml/1.7oz and 4mini bottles .5oz each. Are they real? Please let me know if the bottle was produced in 1.7oz on that time.

    • Hi Nadia, I’m sorry, I’ve been away from the internet for a few days. The La Collection version was produced in 50 ml & 15 ml sizes. The 50 ml were sold individually in a box, but I believe the 15 ml bottles only came with the coffret set.

  59. Hi,
    I would like to purchase a vintage climat edt, but am not sure how I can tell from the bottle or packaging if it is a vintage bottle. There are many listings on ebay claiming to be vintage edt bottles. I would be grateful for any advice!

    • Hi Sharmini! Well, here’s what I can tell you…

      95% of the 2.5 oz EDT sprays with black cap are fake and smell horrible. The few real ones that appear are in the same packaging but it’s labeled differently in the measurement details on the bottom of the box.

      The 45 ml EDT sprays w/ black sprayer – I just don’t know. I owned one, it smelled like real vintage Climat that had degraded a bit. Not sure if those are real or fake.

      The vintage Climat splash bottles are probably authentic, but you can never be sure if the juice inside is original or not.

      The 2.5 oz EDT sprays with the gold cap & solid blue box are real as far as I know(?), but they are not vintage, they’re from the last 10 yrs, and they don’t smell like the vintage juice.

      It is a risk buying vintage Climat in parfum or EDT – both concentrations are widely faked and I would recommend only buying from a seller who offers a very good return policy, because you never know what you’re going to get! :-/

      • Thank you for taking the time for such a detailed reply. What should the measurement details on bottom of the box on the real ones say? I will ask for photos of the bottom of the box from any eBay sellers, if I want to purchase. Also, thank you for sharing your expert knowledge on Climat.

      • Here is a picture of authentic vintage 2.5 oz Climat EDT spray:
        (pic removed because I don’t want to help the fakers make their stuff look more authentic.)

  60. Hi,
    My mom recently dug out a box of Climat and by your description it looks like it is second edition ( she purchased it in free zone at international port in Vladivostok back in 1990). She would like to sell it, but does not know what is appropriate price today. Two things, one – bottle is missing blue-gold ribbon around its neck and two – mom took wrap off the box few months ago and couldn’t open it, when I took a look – it seems that cap is practically fused with plastic seal. If you would like I can email pictures.

    • Does the box have a gold square on it? If so, it’s probably fake Climat parfum.

      If it is a 14ml bottle of authentic Climat with blue marble box (does it have the Guarantee slip up inside the top of the box?), then the bottles usually sell for between $200-300. There is no definite price, it depends on the condition and how certain a buyer is that your bottle is authentic. When you say that the cap is practically fused with plastic seal, if you mean that it is very difficult to loosen/remove the cap, then that is a good sign: the stopper is deep inside the neck of the bottle which is the way real Climat parfum bottles were made. It’s very difficult to get the stopper out of a new bottle of Climat parfum! If you are certain that your bottle is authentic, then there is no need to remove the stopper, you can offer it as “never opened.” This should increase the value a bit. Best of luck!

  61. Hello that is really useful information! I have been thinking about buying a bottle of edt 45ml Climat which is coming from Poland. Is this likely to be fake do you think, the seller has 3 bottles!!
    She has 100% feedback but this is only from 8 transactions, she also has a 14ml edp for sale so I am beginning to have doubts.
    I was going for the edt but…
    Thanks again for sharing your knowledge!

    • I bought a vintage 45 ml spray EDT a few yrs ago…it was an aerosol spray, it smelled like real vintage Climat EDT but it had an “off” quality, like it was slightly degraded. I’m really just not sure if those 45 ml EDT sprays on the market are authentic, fake, or a mixture of both.

  62. Can you tell if you think this is a genuine package please. Ebay from Poland lady says has been in stock for at least 15years. Thank you for your help if you are able.

    • Hi, There is no link or pic attached to your post, but I answered the other day regarding the 45 ml spray bottles: I don’t know if they are all real or not. The one I owned smelled like real Climat but it just smelled like it had degraded a bit. Best of luck

  63. Can you tell me where I can get clarus musk edt spray from the 28ml bottles please

  64. Hi! Thanks for this great resource. I’d be really grateful if you could you tell me what you think of this Climat bottle? It looks like the ads for the original parfum, but I’m worried as the text isn’t the same. The bottom of the bottle says it’s a 1/2 floz. Thanks! [image][/image]

    • Hi Sally, That bottle is of the original/first formula of Climat from the late 60s to late 70s. But my blogpost is only about the second version of Climat from the late 70s to 80s. The bottle in your pic is a genuine parfum bottle of original Climat, but whether the contents are original or not I cannot say. If they are original, they’ve darkened a bit from the original deep yellow color. Original Climat from the 60s/70s is an absolutely gorgeous scent. At the time I wrote the blogpost, I was in love with the second version of Climat, but now I favor the original version. 🙂

  65. Oh thank you so much for getting back to me & reassuring me. I *think* the contents are genuine – there don’t seem to be any off notes and it’s aldehydic, powdery and floral. And the place I got it from wouldn’t have known enough to get those bits right. I’m loving it. Have you written a post about the original? I’m finding it quite difficult to research notes, as most people seem to be reviewing the 2nd or 3rd versions.

    • Hi Sally, Yes, “aldehydic, powdery, and floral” describes original Climat nicely. There’s a light & soft airiness to it – like catching a whiff of intoxicating flowers on a warm spring breeze. It’s so lovely. I have not written a review of it. Mostly I smell rose & narcissus/daffodil. The 2nd version from the 80s is more sweet and has a much more noticeable sandalwood note IMO.

  66. Hi! Thank you for all your great information you have written! I have been researching all over the internet to determine information on my bottle of Climat de Lancome. It does not look like any bottles that I have seen on the internet. Possibly you can help me decide when it is from and if it is authentic. It was procured from an estate sale where I purchased other vintage perfumes and designer items. I have no reason to believe it is fake, but I cannot find any photos of this perfume that I have. Possibly you have seen this one? It is a 100 ml glass bottle with a square glass stopper (plastic on the inside of stopper). Bottom of bottle is embossed “HP” (assuming it is Pochet et du Courval). Gold ribbon around neck of bottle with what is left of a dark red wax looking seal. Here is where I have uploaded a photo so you can view the bottle: And 2 more close up photos of the label and the back of the bottle:

    • Hi Marlene: Yes, it’s real! Your bottle is a limited edition of Climat that was brought back in 1989 in honor of a special exhibition in San Francisco called “New Look to Now: French Haute Couture 1947-1987.” Lancome brought back three of their classic fragrances for the exhibition, and sold them in crystal flacons with red wax seals at I. Magnin department store to promote the exhibition. I have only seen those bottles in the more squat 50 ml bottles, but your 100 ml bottle is much more elongated. Very interesting, thanks for sharing it!!

  67. Thank you so much! That is great news!! I thought it was, but I have searched high and low to find this bottle and never could. Thank you again for your confirmation. I will have to research the valuation on this, which I feel will be more daunting! Possibly I should search perfume auction houses? Do you know of any which might have had this particular bottle for sale? I have searched past ebay Cimat sales but not found anything like this particular bottle that I have.

    • Hi Marlene, I’m just not sure how much it will sell for or what its true worth is. I have seen one or two bottles like yours come up on Ebay in past years but they were the 50 ml EDP bottles. I’m not sure what they sold for. Here’s a pic of a bottle like yours but it’s the smaller 50 ml bottle.
      Climat 1989 EDP relaunch

  68. Thanks for the photo of the smaller bottle. Just like the one I have, so great see another one. Interesting to see the original packaging also. Is that photo from an ebay auction? I cannot even find a photo of 50 ml or 100 ml bottle on goggle, they seem to be so elusive!

    • Hi Marlene, you’re very welcome. Yes, that picture was taken from a past Ebay auction. That 50ml bottle had an original I.Magnin price tag from 1989 on top of the gold box that said $60, so the 100 ml size might’ve sold originally for around $90 or $100.

  69. I am really angry reading all this exchange of “Russian” vintage or no vintage versions of Climat. I just ordered end-November 2016 Climat directly from Lancôme without any problems. We are in the United States and all these articles have created a confusion on a friend to whom I sent the Climat from Lancôme. I am really angry since I’ve spoken with Lancôme and they said they never suspended this perfume.
    I do not believe sincerely that a reputable company like Lancôme would risk their reputation based on all the above exchange of concerned emails.
    Whoever is managing this site……. would you please actualize it? it really created an elevated sense of stress for really no reason!! I am angry and do not need this type of misled exposure of facts that not real!!

    • Susana: I’m sorry you’re so angry.

      First of all, I would not believe anything that a Lancome customer service person told you about a historical question. I have written to Lancome, Rochas, etc. with historical questions about perfumes and no one has ever researched my questions in their archives and given me a satisfactory answer. They don’t care about researching their history for a customer question, they care about product sales in current times. This has been my experience.

      I wrote this blogpost years ago and I am certain there are some errors, but I tried my best to figure out what was going on with the many bottles of fake Climat. There ARE many bottles of fake Climat out there.

      Regarding you buying Climat from Lancome, yes of course that is real Climat, but it is *the current formulation*, which does not smell the same as formulations from years past. The first version of Climat from the 60s and 70s smelled different than the second version from the 80s. The La Collection version of Climat from 2005 smelled very different from previous versions. And the current EDT and the recent limited edition parfum presentation smells different than all of them. People want the version that they remember and love. People tell me “The parfum with blue box with the gold square is always FAKE.” Then someone else says “I bought the blue box with the gold square at a department store in the 90s and it was real!”
      Who to believe?

      But there is indeed a lot of fake Climat out there: specifically the 2.5 oz EDT sprays in the blue marble box & black cap, and the 14ml pure parfums with blue marble box with gold square. These are almost always fake. I have been burned several times, and so have many other people. That’s why I wrote this blogpost. (I apologize to readers if I have gotten some details wrong about the Climat fakes. I find it very difficult to get accurate info about this, I find that Russian Climat lovers know a lot more about these issues than anyone.)

  70. HI! I found my mom’s old Climat, and trying to sold it now.
    Can you help me with real price, please? I m sure, that this Climat is from 80-s and it is original. Thanks!!!

    • Hi Natallia, It looks real but the broken stopper and the missing lower box will lower the price. Also, you don’t have any Ebay feedback, so U.S. buyers might be afraid to buy from you – especially from Europe. I don’t know how much someone will pay for your item, I would guess anywhere from $100 to $200. It might take some time to find the right buyer. There are Russian selling sites like and that might be better than U.S. Ebay because you are in Belarus. Good luck!

  71. Hello there Ms. Perfume Fountain,
    I love your article on Climat. My mother and her friends wore Climat in the ’70s, it was delicious, but I do note that the elusive version you loved was the one available in the ’80s and ’90s.
    As you’re probably aware, there is a current version available on Frgrance X and, and one that’s available in a completely different bottle from select Lancome counters. I can’t get the latter because it’s not available in Australia. I have however purchased both the spray EDT and the parfum from, and although they are pleasant enough, they miss some of the elements of the 70’s version.
    I am asking you this because from your article, it is clear that you are one of so few perfumistas out there who is so clearly knowledgeable and passionate about Climat. I am thinking that I may be able to do some layering to achieve a result as close as is humanly possible to the originals…either version! I would value your opinion on what I could layer with the current Climats to achieve this. I have experimented slathering it on with Nivea and a spritz of Violet Vanille from Senteurs Gourmandes, which wasn’t too bad but not quite right.
    As I have already mentioned, I am not expecting you to have the answer, but I would value your opinion on what you believe might work.
    Thank you again for such a great article.

    • Hi AnnaMaria,
      Thank you very much!

      When I wrote this blogpost in 2012, I was in love with the Climat from the 1980s. Now I am in love with original Climat from the 1960s and early 1970s in the white box. I have found that this first version of Climat in the white box was more rosey and more musky. The second version of the fragrance was from the mid 70s into the 1980s was less rosey and had more vetiver. I believe this reformulation happened because people complained that they couldn’t smell [the original] Climat; this was due to people being anosmic to its wallop of musks and it was also a very light scent to begin with. So they rebalanced the ingredients in the mid 1970s adding more vetiver and the packaging changed to the grayish-blue box and then the royal-blue marble box in 1979, however the actual scent did not change much (if any) from mid 1970s reformulation into the 1980s.

      I am not sure if you are referring to the original version in the white box which was more rosey & musky, or the version from the mid-70s onward in the blue boxes. I think Amouage Dia and the 1980s/1990s formulation of Madame Rochas bears some resemblance to the Climat from late 70s/80s.

      As for original Climat in the white box, nothing smells like that. 🙂 Kiku by Faberge did have a similar feeling of notes though IMO, and came out in approximately the same year as Climat. But nothing smells the same and I don’t know what to layer to produce the same scent.

      BTW, if you bought spray EDT & pure parfum from, I doubt that it is real Climat. If you read my blogpost you know that most Climat pure parfum in blue marble box w/ gold square is fake, even the stuff sold by legit etailers. The 2.5 oz spray and 14 ml pure parfum are the most faked of all, and the fake version smells awful.

      • Wow thank you for the information. No, I had no idea that legitimate vendors were allowed to sell fake stuff, especially since they are based in the US and presumably would be in breach of countless consumer laws and therefore exposed to litigation if someone wanted to take them on. They even have it clearly stated on their website that they guarantee 100% genuine products…so wow!

        Anyway thank you for the advice, I have a girlfriend going to Paris next week, I will ask her to pick one up for me at the Lancôme counter. It won’t be the original, but I guess it will be genuine! I very much appreciate your taking the trouble to respond to me, thank you again gorgeous!

      • Hi AnnaMaria,
        Just to be clear, the most faked Climat are the 2.5 oz EDT with black cap, and the 14 ml parfum (especially blue marble box with gold square). I’m not sure which Climat you bought, but those two I mentioned are pretty much always fake and I’ve seen them sold on “legitimate” perfume-selling sites. They are mass produced and distributed widely, and unfortunately they smell nothing like old Climat.

      • Thank you again for the clarification! And even more importantly, thank you SO MUCH for suggesting I try Amouage Dia. I went into the perfume section of my favorite department store today and spritzed it on…WOW! It is very similar to the Climat I bought, and the version I remember from the ’80s. I would never have tried it if you hadn’t suggested it, so thank you so much again!
        I found a website called Surrender to Chance who offer a decant of original fragrances, long gone ones. Have you ever used them and do you believe they are reputable? They offer the following in terms of Climat, and I would value any insight you can provide:

        Climat is a classically constructed aldehyde and white floral fragrance created in 1967 by Gerard Goupy. But it is a warm aldehyde rather than a cool one and it acts more like a quiet skin scent with an unusual warmth.

        The opening of aldehydes and green notes give way to a vibrant white floral accord that is elegant and very sensual. The vetiver and animalic base notes give the fragrance even more depth and complexity.

        Climat was reintroduced for the 70th anniversary of Parfums Lancôme and was released as a part of La Collection of Eau de Parfums.

        It is still available for purchase.

        This is the original parfum version of the fragrance.

      • AnnaMaria, I’m so glad you enjoy Amouage Dia. It definitely reminded me of Climat when I tried it.

        I have ordered samples from SurrenderToChance several times before with no problems, but I don’t know if their Climat is real or one of the fakes. A lot of people are not aware of the rampant faking of Climat, so I’m just not sure if their bottle is authentic or not.

  72. Hello. Thank you for the detailed information. İ am from Russia. I’m happy if you help me. I found a Climat on the Internet. It’s like the original, but I’m not sure. I tried to send pictures of that perfume from here, but it did not. If you tell me an address, I’ll send you those photos. I am very happy to give you an idea of ​​whether this perfume is orijinal or not. Mommy loves this perfume. I want to give it as a gift for her birthday. Thank you.

  73. Thank you so much for your reply and advice!

  74. Hello again! I just wanted to let you know that a friend of mine has just brought me back a bottle of Climat purchased from the Lancôme counter at Galleries Lafayette in Paris. EDT 75 ml is in a pale blue box, the bottle is identical to the current Magie Noire bottle, and the Oud bottles without the embellishments. Her experience at the Lancome counter at Galleries Lafayette was certainly curious. She asked for Climat, and the young male sales assistant didn’t know what this was! Not a lot of people ask for it apparently. He had to consult one of the senior ladies at the counter who indicated that it was available, but not on display, apparently they keep it concealed under the counter as this fragrance isn’t on show to customers. My friend said she thought she was buying something rare or unpopular or even illicit. About AUD $90, so US $73.

    Now, the fragrance is in my opinion almost identical to the Climat available on, somehow slightly more delicate- less creamy, more floral… and also very similar to Amouage Dia, which I discovered thanks to YOU, and yes, it is very very similar to the original Climat.

    It is very confounding to me as that there is a booming business in Eastern Europe producing fake Climat, which I am sure mine couldn’t be since it was purchased from the Lancome counter in Paris. At the same time I see there are vintage bottles on sale which the vendors purport to be genuine, going for ridiculous prices…$999!

    If Climat is available at the Lancome counter in Paris, even if it isn’t on display, why are people pursuing supposed vintage versions at ridiculous prices? I am missing something, that’s for sure. Have you tried the 75 ml EDT available from Lancome counters, also available in the USA, and if so, what is your opinion?

    Thank you again for your help.

    • Hi AnnaMaria, Thanks for sharing that info!

      The basic distinctive accord of Climat de Lancome has remained intact throughout all of its authentic iterations over the years, however each formulation is subtly different. Many people want the exact formulation that they remember: if they are very familiar with one specific version, then they will notice if there are subtle differences in a later version and they don’t like it even though, in a general way, it still smells Climat-like. Some versions have more vetiver in it, or more real sandalwood in the base, whereas in later version the real sandalwood is lacking….People are powerfully motivated to find the version that matches their old memories to get the maximum emotional impact, because perfumes are tweaked subtly over the years, due to cost, availability of ingredients, IFRA restrictions, changing styles, etc. If you smelled the different versions of Climat side by side, I think you would notice how different they smell. 😉

      Someone sent me a sample of juice from the 75ml EDT with the gold cap…I remember not liking it much at all compared to the earlier versions, although it did smell identifiably Climat-like. I really should dig the vial out and revisit it.

  75. Thank you so much for responding – yes that totally makes sense! I must say that I have not, until you just mentioned it, discerned much vetiver or sandwalwood all that strongly, but now I can smell them very subtly. Yes, please dig out the gold cap and share your thoughts!!! I would so appreciate it. On a different matter, I visited the Lancôme counter in Sydney to try the Mille et une Fleurs, and it was awful, the Sales assistant told me it had definitely gone off…that surprised me as I wouldn’t have thought that was such an old fragrance.
    Anyway, thank you again for all your advice and help, you are a very generous lady with your time and knowledge.

    • Hi AnnaMaria,

      Thank you for your kind words!

      Do you mean Mille et Une Roses? I’m not intimately familiar with it: I remember trying it in 2006 at Nieman Marcus in Minneapolis and thinking it smelled so pretty, then I smelled it another time – La Collection version – and thinking it smelled pretty synthetic. I think the original version was released in 1999.

      I wore the Climat EDT sample today – I don’t know when my juice dates to specifically but as far as I know it’s the spray version with the gold cap. It smells very pleasant, identifiably like Climat, and I think quite identical to the “La Collection” EDP version. Of course it smells different from earlier versions in subtle ways, but I do think it’s a lovely choice. Lancome has definitely not butchered Climat to where it smells nothing like earlier versions, so kudos to them for that. 🙂

  76. Hello again,
    Yes you are right, it was Mille et Une Roses.
    Thank you again for your advice and for trying your sample, I am glad to hear that you approve and that it hasn’t totally been butchered! Good luck with everything, and I will report back if I hear if any news or activity that relates to the holy grail of fragrances!

  77. Could you please post the link of original Climat from the ’80s that is currently available to buy?

  78. Hi!

    In my mother’s perfumery, there are 2 bottles of authentic Climat. I would love for you to give me your opinion if I send you the photos. Thank you.

    Kind regards!

    • Hi Sandra, If you already know with certainty that your mother’s Climat is authentic, then I’m not sure how I can be of any help.

  79. Found the link to your post in some “Climat for dummies” thread at Fragrantica boards, and I must say it’s just amazing that you keep helping your readers for five years after original publication.

    I’m looking for a present for my wife and would appreciate it if you could take a look at couple of lots that seem legit to my absolutely untrained eye.

    Thank you,

  80. Thank you for your quick response! After *much* reading around, I decided to get Climat L’Edition Mythique, a Lancome’s 2015 reissue for Russian market, just for sanity’s sake %) Not the same Climat, apparently, but seems close enough for a casual buyer like me.

    Just in case, I put that 14ml “v.3” offer photos at , the seller is a reputable Fragrantica member since 2011, original lot post is at

    Thanks again for a very useful post!

    • Hi George, I hope you enjoy the Climat L’Edition Mythique, someone sent me a sample of it and I was not thrilled with it, but everyone has different taste. Those are beautiful pics of opening a sealed box of Climat, thanks for sharing them!

  81. Hi guys, I have real, old, soviet Climat at home 😉 at my mom’s collection. Both, my mom and I have fragrance allergies, so we can’t use them, and I am thinking to sell it. Actually we some others too (vanderbilt, fa de fa, sikimi, poison, etc). I live in Tbilisi. But I guess I can send from here. Or if you have friends in Tbilisi, they can get it. Who is interested?

  82. Hi! Thanks a lot for this review!
    Do you know anything about earlier version of Climat in a 60ml bottle? It is EDT 80% in a light blue marble box.
    Have you ever owned it? How to distinguish it from fakes?
    Thanks a lot!

    • Hi Maria, thank you very much! Yes, I did own a 4 oz EDT splash in the light blue marble box. I believe those are authentic, I don’t think I’ve seen that version faked. Those bottles come from the mid to late 1970s. My 4 oz bottle came from the late 1970s and the scent was quite similar to the 1980s version of Climat in the darker blue marble box – it was not like the earliest version of Climat in the white box, which was more rosey IMO.

  83. The search continues…. I’ve been trying to get the 75ml EDT. Nowhere in uk has it, Saks in U.S. does but won’t ship to UK. Lancôme advised me to get on a ‘plane to somewhere that stocks it! Btw, I’ve been wearing it since 1979 and had the perfume several times (which my husband preferred) I still have a 50ml special edition bottle (alas empty) with a gold flat braid woven ribbon. I also remember from 1979 the gift sets including Climat talc and soap.

    • Sorry to hear that, michiamocarolina. I saw Climat 75ml EDT a few months ago in Boca Raton, FL, I think at Sak’s Fifth Avenue store. But that’s no help to you in the UK…

  84. Hello. I have Climat parfume and I think, that it’s original one. My father bought it in 90’s. Can you help me to find out if it’s real one? I want to sell it.

    Thank you

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